Sunday, December 26, 2004

Todae went sunset bAy wif deyu and hot..but saw alot of "things"..planned to meet at 12.30pm but deyu came so late..waited ther nearly one hr lor.. =(

ToOk a cab into sentosa..left ard 4 to 5pm like tired..i tink heatstroke already..haha..after tat, went to the food market to so damn hungry..

Took the train back..slept on the train..could not tahan liao..ther was tis ger sitting beside mi..not bad not bad..but i was too tired..couldnt be bothered..haha..

anyway..tats it..writing tis blog with my eyes half closed..

-end of day-

at 11:25 pm

Saturday, December 25, 2004

MeRry Christmas EvyBody..

I WenT to partybox laz nite and got veri veri VERI drunk..MaYb i drank abit too much?? haiz..Evybody was so happy and they played alot of competitions..of coz with alcohol involved..haha..

I Tink i will be staying at home tired..miNd is in a blank..

-end of day-

at 11:31 pm

Friday, December 24, 2004

Its the EvE of Christmas!! Goin to be Yr 2005 oso..

TurKey GuyS?? haha..WisH i cld celebrate christmas in the statEs..its snowing ther rite?? so cool..haha

MeRry Christmas EvE GUys!!

at 3:55 pm

Thursday, December 23, 2004

WenT s11 to meet up wif deyu, jayen, victor and his gf..tok abt our phuket trip..we saw jayen's "bros" and "sisters"..haha..victor juz came back frm china, good..can go china..haha..he went wif his i tink didnt realli enjoy mi to KL??

Surprisingly, they didnt tok abt mi and eileen?? happy..
AftEr tat, i left for home..need to wake up early smething on..i tink i go sleep liao..

-end of day-

at 1:21 am

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

JayEn didnt go Mdm WoNg wif uS? coz he got work the next day..anyway met up wif jayen and deyu at s11 then we proceed to MdM WoNg..met up wif Shawn and Marvin ther..the place was quite packed for a tuEsday..haha..we drank beer at the kopitiam b4 we went in..saVe MonEy?? heez..

AfteR tat we went to Bak Kut TeH to hav my so called "supper" or mayb breakfast? haha..we planned to go WilD WilD wet the next day..but deyu getting erm..NevA!! haiz..wanted to go ther..neva go b4..mayb goin sunset bay or wild wild wet on sunday perhaps..

TirEd liao..i go sleep liao..nitez..

-end of day-

at 3:03 am

Friday, December 17, 2004

haha..went KL wif my visit a relative?? so sian..take the coach until butt pain..its like 6 hrs long man.. :( i didnt know of was like so last min lor..I DidNt know tat i had a relative at KL too..i juz found out..We sTayed at her place for the tiMe we were ther..

the place was not at the City was more of the rural part of KL..geez..didnt Do much shopping was like so draggy..becoz i wenT wif My mum? haha..anyway it was fun lah..bUt not as fun if i went wif my frens?? fOr the whole duration i stayed at my relative's hse, went to shop wif my mum and relative but i didnt buy anything much..coz my mum was ther..haiz..So conclusion?? A waSted trip?? Didnt realli explore KL..No..shdnt say tat..i wenT ther to visit a sick its ok..shdnt complain tat much..

caMe Back on Mon much clothing need to wash..

:) -end of KL trip-

at 2:13 am

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Met up wif Deyu, jayen and victor together wif his gf..well..we were toking abt setting up a "diam sum" shop..but we estimated the cost..ard 10k each person to be safe..gosh..tats one year of savings man..jayen is like goin aust soon so he have hardly anytime left wif us..sobz..but he goin for short time so its okie..

tHey are always TokinG abt mi and eileen..wish i cld turn the tables ard..haha..anyway tml i hav tis interview together wif deyu..wish i cld get the jOb raffles place..but its like so early..10.30am..geez..but but then i can wear the shirt i bought tat day..haha..oh no..havent iron yet..damn..

dunno wad else to blog anymore..i go sleep le..or else cant wake up for tml..haha..nitez guys..

-end of day-

at 11:59 pm

Monday, December 13, 2004

Deyu asked mi to go Queensway wif him coz he needed to buy clothes for his work..went ther and i saw a shirt wic i realli like alot..bought it was like so cheap..oni $30 dollars..haha..but after buying i was like so broke..hope i get a job soon or i will be eating grass..haha..hoping for the ERS thingy to come soon too.. =)

AfTer tat we went AMK to meet up wif Jayen and Victor together wif his gf..Y evytime i meet up wif them, they will say smething abt mi and eileen wan?? geez.. always lumping mi and her together..shd be jeremy and eileen lor..haha..saw mediacorp dancers at S11..but they were like so young..not for mi man..

went bak alone after we finished..who call mi stay so far?? sobz sobz..

end of day..

at 2:43 am

Saturday, December 11, 2004

i weNt to DBL O..went wif was all working class and evything..makes mi think alot..wad am i now?? haiz..beta go find a job was raining cats and dogs..took a cAb to orchard to meet up wif jolynn b4 making our way dwn to DBL O..the whole place was quite packed..cold too..luckily i was wearing a long sleeve shirt so its not so erm cold?? we played five-ten wif jolynn haha..wanted to make jolynn drunk but i end up drinking most of the drinks..damn..jolynn left early to meet her frens in old bar..we continued our partying..i became abit drunk after all the drinking..deyu wanted to ask a ger to intro herself..but i "acted drunk" so she wasnt convinced tat i wanted to Know her..haha..anyway deyu got her number..but didnt want to gif mi..idiot..

Went to Wantan mee ther to eat after our partying..i was quite sober then okie?? heez.. but erm Stanley was like D.R.U.N.K..took a cab back after we finished eating..i had a veri fun time ther..Wish Jolynn wasnt ther??? erm..haha..okok..tats a bad ting to say..tired as usual..went to bed..dreamy nite..of beer?? haha..

at 4:32 am

Friday, December 10, 2004

met up wif jasmine at plaza singapura.. She was LaTe but she was kinda to see her blur blur look..went to burger king eat..she ate the Turkey bacon meal not finishing the fries wic i had to eat..later we went to catch Blade trinity..was a nice show..the ger in the show was so vampire lord was oso cool..enjoyed the movie..worth it man..will ther be a sequel?? not sure leh..i hope so..heez..

took a cab bak later..didnt know the movie was so long..geez..

end of day..sleeping in bed..comfy

at 2:50 am

Saturday, December 04, 2004

wanteD to Go DBL O but Shawn didnt wan to go so went to RUSH was fun..mayb the crowd wasnt our age group so it was abit turn off..we were sitting at the bar when two "ah lians" came and played five-ten wif uS..probably it was 4 the free drinks..haha..the two gers were dancing in front of us the "look"..geez..wasnt interested.deyu too..haha..but ther was tis parT wher She was dancing wif her legs in betWeen mY "***"..well was fun at the end of the day..

ShaWn and StanLey went home early so juz left deyu and mi..Went to Devil's BaR to meet sharon and Judith after tat..but they were goin bak its left mi and Deyu Again!! geez..So wE wEnt ard devil's and Deyu wanted to know tis ger working ther?? haha..he wanted mi to see whether she was yah went ard looking for heR..saw her FinAlly..she was alrite..pretty enough..heez..but Deyu didnt get her number?? y?? i dunno..

went back home after tat..end of the day..tired..sleep..yawnz..yawnz..

at 4:22 am

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

AftEr goin JB, i became sick..gosh..i tink its the food i ate..At That RESTAURANT!! i will neva go back to tat restaurant ever Again..i forgotten the restaurant's name sick so sick..haiz..i tink i beta go rest already..take care guys and dont fall sick like mi.. :(

at 2:15 am

the girl: The ger i like doesnt know i like her..sad to say..but i will keep it a secret..neva letting her know..;

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