Sunday, January 16, 2005

We left for Kl. Me, deyu, shawn, jayen and kevin sat on the coach to Kl. It was like abt 5 plus hrs..the journey was so long..well..b4 we went kl..we spent our nite at devil's bar..until 3am wic after we made our way to my hse 2 "tong"..

we reached KL ard 3pm..we checked into the hotel..the hotel rates were cheap so we didnt realli tink of other choices in fact..budget trip mayb..haha..we walked ard our hotel, getting to know the place better..our hotel was near bukit bintang plaza..we shopped ard..then we went to cyberjaya..took the so called "mrt" ther, but it was more like a lrt here in singapore was so crowded..had to squeeze wif the ppl..we got to our destination and did our major shopping..i bought two t-shirts oni..the rest definitely bought more things than mi..haha..smething to ad..i dont ReAlli like shoppiNg veri much..

later at nite we went to a nearby pub.."Beach Club"?? yup..the crowd ther was ok..had a realli fun time..

next day we woke up ard 2pm..hungry as usual, we went to eat "Sweet Recipe" nearby..the food was cheap and i ordered a cheese cake as finale..yummy..later we split coz jayen and kevin wanted more shopping whereas me, deyu and shawn didnt want..the three of us went bak to hotel and decided to go "times Square" and see the indoor amusement park ther..the park was amusing..25 ringgits for unlimited times of money was realli veri worth it..i tink "times SqUare" is smething like our takashimaya..where its a bit of higher class i tink coz the place is so big..haha..

well our main motive is to club at that we went clubbing again the second nite..we went to "tHai CluB"..i found out smething veri funny..the pubs in malaysia dont seem to have dance floors at when u dance its at wher u stand..haha..surprisingly, i was not drunk at all..abit perhaps..but still know wads goin on..but for deyu..haiz..hes like so drunk..i tink he drank too much tat nite..tired after clubbing..we went bak to the hotel to rest..

our bus to singapore was at 11.30am so we kinda rushed abit..anyway we got to singapore at ard 5 pm plus..we were all veri tired..

-end of KL trip-

at 9:22 pm

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Went to help out in an event..but neva sleep much coz we went devils bar and music underground the previous tiredzzz...zzzzzz.zzzz..anyway woke up at 7.15am..went dwn to lakeside mrt wif kevin..met up wif deyu..then we make our way dwn to the location of the was like 80 bucks for the day..good money..haha..

it rained almost the whole day..but i had fun playing wif the kids and all..miss my childhood man..haiz..well, to cut the long story short..we left the place at ard the time we were almost died liao..

we planned to go devils hav fun mayb after we get our pay..haha..we enjoyed the nite..the crowd was fantastic..

went home after tat..bathe and went straight to bed..zzzzz..

-end of day-

at 4:31 am

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Deyu called mi to go dwn my aunt's shop coz they were ther and didnt want to pay mayb..haha..

anyway it was mum's ttreat of full..we had a great time..

after tat we went to ps to meet up wif kevin and his frens..planned to go devils..always goin devils..mayb no place to go..haha..we went ther eventually and make our way to music underground later..

Conclusion: Great!!

-end of day-

at 2:15 am

Friday, January 07, 2005

We Went dwn devils bar..i went ther b4 9pm coz its free entry..haha..kevin, raymond, robin, shawn and deyu was happening..we got a table inside due to the fact tat kevin got to know the "manager" rite?? it was near the dance its considered good seats mayb..

its one jug for two jugs..altogether we had twelve jugs for like 9 many to finish?? haha..
i got abit high already..then a ger came to sit beside mi, asked mi whether she could sit beside mi??..dunno whose fren is it?? she asked mi y i neva dance?? also keep saying im drunk..funny ger..anyway i left early coz im too tired..i left ard 1 am..

-end of day-

at 3:49 am

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Went to BoOk my tickets toDay wif DeYu and was total S$115..i will be sitting in tHe coaCh for like near 7 hrs..aNd No toilet??!!

LatEr went to orchard to Look for JayeN..wad an attitude problem assistant..haha..opps..Sat at CoffEE bean at Paragon..there were three gers wic we tried hard 2 guess how old..anyway one of theM was quite pretty..but wadever..haha..

CaMe tired..then vivian called mi..saying she was depressed..wanting to "commit suicide"..OMG!! I rushed dwn to bIshan to meet her..wnet ther to comfort her i guess..she was like all sad and was between she and "him" anyway..cant help much either..but she cried..realli wanted to gif her a hug and lend her a shoulder..i juz told her not to cry and let it go..

came Back Home again at ard 1 veri tired..haiz..i go sleep le..

-end of day-

at 2:00 am

Saturday, January 01, 2005

its My laz entrY for yr first entry for 2005!!..time flies..its yr 2005 already..2004 was the past..haha..sounds so sad..shd be happy rite?? will be older in a few mths time..haiz..getting old..duhz..

I hope all singaporeans in the tsunami incident will be fiNe..including all people involved..makes mi sad..hearing all the happenings due to the tsunami..lets make a yr end wish tat all the people will be fine and happy..hope they will be reunited wif their family soOn..

FiNaLLy WiSh Guys All the best for the upcoming yeaR ahead..StaRt Afresh..i mean evything tat is sad..haha..

at 4:00 am

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Todae went sunset bAy wif deyu and hot..but saw alot of "things"..planned to meet at 12.30pm but deyu came so late..waited ther nearly one hr lor.. =(

ToOk a cab into sentosa..left ard 4 to 5pm like tired..i tink heatstroke already..haha..after tat, went to the food market to so damn hungry..

Took the train back..slept on the train..could not tahan liao..ther was tis ger sitting beside mi..not bad not bad..but i was too tired..couldnt be bothered..haha..

anyway..tats it..writing tis blog with my eyes half closed..

-end of day-

at 11:25 pm

the girl: The ger i like doesnt know i like her..sad to say..but i will keep it a secret..neva letting her know..;

me: Eric Tan age: 25 sch: None wishlist ;

x new wallet
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x new handphone
x perhaps a gf too..heez

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